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Asset Management/Financial Planning

I am a Partner at a fee-only, fiduciary, Registered Investment Advisory (RIA) firm called Your Mental Wealth Advisors. Our team helps clients with asset management, Family Office Services, and financial life coaching.

We serve clients throughout the United States with offices in California, Washington, Florida, and Colorado.

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Want to transform your relationship with money?

Through my books, videos, speeches, courses, and private coaching I have helped thousands gain insight into their relationship with money.

I also offer :

  • The Your Mental Wealth Coaching Course (pre-recorded), and/or
  • A 1 hour private coaching session

DISCLAIMER: Coaching is NOT psychotherapy nor is it meant to treat mental disorders. Coaching is NOT financial advice. If you are interested in financial advice, contact my Registered Investment Advisory (RIA) firm Your Mental Wealth Advisors.

Your Mental Wealth Course

$395.00 USD
Private Coaching

45-minute session with Dr. Brad Klontz

$450.00 USD

Brand Partnerships

Are you interested in an engaging media campaign that combines personal finance with psychology?I have partnered with companies to conduct research, develop content, and work as an educational partner and media spokesperson in print, radio, podcasts, and television.  I am passionate about efforts to help improve individuals' financial health and their relationship with money.  

I have worked with companies including JP Morgan Chase, Capital One, and H&R Block.